Widescreen TVs


Arenít they just great? For the first several years we all watched little dumpy people on set before most programmes tried to accommodate the 16:9 format. At the moment it is a complete mess, I can sit and watch the TV with black bands at the top; black bands at the side; picture formats where you canít see the top and bottom of the transmissions and my TV can do this without being touched.


We have had lots of TV fads. If you go back to pre lcd screens it was impossible to buy a set that wasnít silver, now its impossible to buy one that isnít black. Itís a changing fashion scene run by the manufacturers but widescreen seems like a fad thatís going to stick.


I think the thing to remember about wide screen is that the wider the screen, the lower the quality. Whether you have a telescope lens, a movie camera lens or a still camera lens you will find they are round. To get a wide screen rectangular picture a useful part of the lens is being ignored thus resolution suffers.