Max Mosley’s Nazi Sex Romp


Ian Hislop looked rather disturbed when Max Mosley won his case against the ‘News of the World’ newspaper for its accusations about his sex romp. Of course the ‘News of the World’ probably gained much more from this story than they lost at the hearing (£60k). Ian Hislop’s concern is for the freedom of the press and that the law is now clamping down on press freedom. The sad unwanted truth here is that the press abuse their freedom. I should be in favour of press freedom but the trouble is they don’t simply try to destroy the big fish they will quite happily destroy anyone if they can make money out of it. Max Mosley won his day in court, had it been someone with less cash they wouldn’t have even got a hearing, another unwanted truth. Max now wants more press restrictions and is using his money and influence to push for this, which may help the little people who have been abused by (or are about to be abused by) the press. From my point of view, with some reservations, good luck to him, I feel that in recent years newspapers are doing more harm than good, sad really.