Unaccompanied Men


All unaccompanied men in the vicinity of children are considered by a great number of women and also some men to be paedophiles. Unaccompanied men are allowed to go for a walk down a sea front in winter because thatís what normal men do but in summer they change into child predators doing the same walk. Either that or there is something seriously wrong with the accusers. Actually the truth here is that these accusers are not trying to get rid of paedophiles they revel in them, they want to see them everywhere. Itís interesting to note that if you lock the gates of a play area to keep strangers out and family in; you are in fact locking the child abusers in with the children; as most, in fact virtual all abuse occurs in the home, the strangers you lock out are the innocents.In Hull it was reported that 18,000 children were victims of domestic abuse I havenít heard of any by strangers but the revellers do not want to hear this.


Only unaccompanied men who go for walks with dogs are not paedophiles.