None Essential Workers


Why in today’s world are we working longer than we did fifty years ago; surely in a technically advanced society total family hours worked should have dropped from around 40hrs to 15 or 20hrs instead of rising to around 100hrs. This is certainly what has happened in the areas I know. One of the main reasons, government incompetence aside is none essential jobs. We have vast film industries, sports industries, TV industries and so on and so on. While most of us like watching a good match or a good film they are not essential. I am all in favour of diversity in these industries but while I would like to see major events covered by four or five different news teams for a fair assessment, we are likely to get a couple of hundred turn up, most of it being dead weight.


Funny really that our top musicians, our top singers, our talented footballers, racing car drivers, our athletes, gifted painters and actors who make us believe their films and plays are real; the people whose work we all enjoy are in the scheme of things of less use than a public sewerage worker because the sewers are essential. How many sewerage workers could you get for one solitary, glittery award ceremony?


Who are essential personnel? Regardless whether we like them or not if the world’s farmers down tools we all starve in a fairly short period of time. If energy workers down tools the lights go out overnight and of course there are many more. There are also many grey areas such as banking. I am sure top bankers consider themselves essential and think the world would stop without them, while many others think we would be better off if they had never been invented. I wouldn’t make lists; I will leave that to the reader. I must confess I do get a little niggled by the fact that virtually all awards and high salaries go to none essentials, while many essential workers get nothing but an early grave. Probably my biggest niggle is when the none essential criticises the essential, which in many instances is the prat criticising the grafter. This is a vast subject, because there are a vast number of none essential personnel and unwanted truths. If we convert all none essentials to essentials and spread the workload, then working hours would tumble. No, I’m not suggesting we do this…….today?  but it’s an interesting thought.