More Major Unwanted Truths


Army Recruitment

This I suppose applies to all the services. The unwanted truth is that you have to recruit people while they are still young enough not to realise what they are getting themselves into.


People in engineering need a good head on them. They need to be able to use their hands and also be conscientious about their work. Some do dangerous jobs in dangerous places and the dangers not only affect themselves. Piper Alpha was one of a thousand incidents. I wrote a story called 'Trimark' which can be read at, it's very real and very typical. The unwanted truth is that no parent in their right mind would want their kids in engineering, the pay's dire and you're a number. As you read this some plant or factory somewhere in the world is going up in flames, occasionally there is a real bad one like Bhopal or Chernobyl and I reckon the quality of personnel looking after these places is going down hill.

Flu Pandemic

Clearly the best way to control a flu pandemic is to close borders; sadly there is no chance of this happening because it would disrupt business. What are lives when there is money to be made? The authorities will tell you that closing borders will not stop the spread, just like we couldn’t stop the spread of rabies to Britain???? Had this been a deadly strain of 'bird flu' delaying its spread until a vaccine was developed would have been paramount.

Flat Tyres

Strangely enough the biggest cause of flat tyres isn't the 'dick heads' on building sites who drop nails and screws everywhere without the intelligence to realise that when they drive over them they are likely to get a puncture. The most common reason for tyres going down is checking tyre pressures. When you remove the pressure gauge after checking your tyre pressures the tyre valves have a habit of not seating, if they don't seal properly the tyre in question goes down very slowly thus it's quite possible to finish up swerving about in the middle lane of the M1 four hours later. The authorities who tell you to check your tyres on a regular basis haven't quite grasped this yet. After checking a tyre pressure you have to spit on your finger and wipe the spit over the valve end. If it's leaking bubbles will appear. If the valve is blowing bubbles you need something like a small screw driver to give the valve a flick. In this country alone there are a hundred million valves and if we check them every week?

Jury Split Decisions

When a jury cannot come to either a guilty or innocent verdict then the police and the crown prosecution have to decide whether a re-trial is in order. Now the law is that the accused have to be found guilty beyond reasonable doubt, now which bit of ‘we can’t make our minds up’ don’t the authorities understand? If the jury cannot make their minds up the accused’s guilt is clearly beyond reasonable doubt.

Killer Seatbelts

The unwanted truth here is that the ordinary seat belts we have fitted in our cars are not a lot of use. They may well cause us difficulty getting out of our cars in an emergency but in the case of impact our bodies would twist around the diagonal strap and without an air bag our heads would hammer against the steering column. We simply don't strap ourselves in like 'crash test dummies'. Notice racing car drivers don't use this type of belt. If you had three kids in the back using booster seats and an emergency arose lack of space would prevent you getting to the release buttons on these belts quickly. Think hard on that one.


If every one who could claim for negligence against the NHS did claim, the NHS claims bill would be larger than their income. One of the many reasons the NHS often does more harm than good is because it's on overload. When they fob patients off because they haven't time to sort their problems properly, those same patients keep coming back and this is why they haven't the time in the first place.


Government always says that terrorists are evil people who are few in number and lack general support. The unwanted truth is they command a lot of support. If you look at Northern Ireland, the reason both Catholic and Protestant terrorists were so difficult to apprehend is because by and large they had popular support from their own ethnic groups. The same applies to Muslim terrorists. Is there anyone out there who believes that a British citizen of Pakistani descent who is fervently supporting Pakistan cricketers at Headingley is going to shop what they perceive as a fellow countryman?