Distractions While Driving


There is much talk of stiffer sentences for people involved in accidents if they are distracted while driving; the main culprit here being the mobile phone. Strangely enough, while banning hand held mobiles, they still allow hands free mobiles. In the days when using a mobile phone was legal I have dialled out on such a mobile. I donít have a problem with this because I could hold the phone up and see where I was going at the same time as I dialled. I did buy a hands-free kit but to try and dial on something stuck to your dashboard is suicide, you cannot see the road at all while you are dialling, itís as dangerous as staring at your speedometer so you donít break the limit. Who is it that thinks up this rubbish?


In reality the whole idea of not being distracted while driving is also rubbish. Probably the biggest distractions while driving, speedometers aside, are signposts; either that or the scenery, oh and what about sat-navs. The unwanted truth here is if you cannot drive safely while being distracted, you shouldnít be on the road. Most drivers are on autopilot when driving, especially when in slow speed limits when they are bored out of their brains. A person with an active mind cannot look at a very slow moving white line without nodding off. This is a very real danger to mundane driving. By and large these drivers are safe, itís the people who need 100% concentration to drive who are a menace. Their minds work very slowly and their reactions are none existent.


Another sore point is that a driver who is considered distracted is automatically blamed if involved in an accident. That is simply wrong. Distracted or not it could well be the other guyís fault. I certainly donít agree with texting on a mobile phone while driving, that is as dangerous as you can get. Mind you I never saw the point in texting, full stop.


While I have been writing this book there has been concern on the news about the motorcycle swerve test. To pass the test you have to ride very, very slowly between a few bollards (31mph). Many people have been injured since this test was introduced a few weeks ago and it is said the test is too dangerous. A lady lorry driver was explaining how she was injured because of the difficulty of the test. I just hope she doesnít get on my tail in her juggernaught on the motorway.


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