Dangers of Nuclear Power


I can remember some guy on the TV saying there were no emergency plans for a runaway reactor in Britain because our nuclear-fired stations were as safe as banks or words to that effect.


The real problem with nuclear plants is that they are radioactive, how’s that for stating the obvious. The theory of radiation dates back to Marie Curie who discovered the elements polonium and radium and was the winner of two Nobel prizes, eventually to die of leukaemia, attributed to her work with radiation.


There are three unwanted truths here. Nuclear power stations produce killer radioactive waste which lasts, as far as we are concerned forever. We are not talking of a test tube full, more like football fields full. Then of course there are accidents; we have seen a few of those already. The other aspect is terrorism. Now while the terrorists are on the outside of the plants that is unlikely, but a key job inside is another ball-game altogether.


I suppose we could always look at ‘clean coal’ for our energy. It only costs a hundred million to re-open a coal mine. Good old Maggie.