Ability to Choose


This subject was the focus of ‘Everyone’s Story’, a part of ‘Many Shades Of Evil’. It’s a fictional story with a message. It states that we do what we do because we are who we are and on that score we don’t have a choice.


If one of our children falls in the river we are going to go in after them. We don’t have free will on this score. Could anyone of us leave our life savings on a park bench and simply walk away? I am sure you would all agree with this line of reasoning until I say, Adolf Hitler did what he did because he was who he was. He didn’t have a choice. Now I hear people saying of course he had a choice. But the fact is, he didn’t. He did what he thought was good for Adolf and what was good for Germany. If we turn to the ‘Yorkshire Ripper’, this guy really was driven. He imagined the police were waiting for him around every corner and yet he couldn’t stop murdering women.


If someone is born without remorse or fear of the law and they enjoy killing and torturing things then we have a real problem. If they commit an atrocity we will throw them in jail to rot, yet it isn’t their fault they are sadistic with no fear or remorse; they didn’t choose their feelings, it’s in their genes. They are trapped in their own mind and body.


To believe we do what we do because we are who we are makes us nothing more than puppets of our own makeup, yet to deny this we become muppets. These are unwanted truths.


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