Probably The Most Profound Words You Will Ever Hear

'You are who you are'. That doesn't sound very original does it? Let's go one further, 'You do what you do because you are who you are'. That sounds reasonable but not very interesting. How about the fact that you do not choose who you are. Yes, you can change your lifestyle, but you can only do this because you are who you are, some people may not even be able to achieve this much. Where's this going? Simple, a mass murderer does what he does because he is who he is, and on that score he never had a choice. Thus he is going to be executed or spend the rest of his life in jail for something he didn't have a choice in. The implications are monumental. There are two types of people in this world, the ones who will sit back, study, then run through a dozen test cases before accepting that our freedom is an illusion, then there are the other ninety nine percent who are mind-locked.

This is the idea behind the second story in 'Seven Shades of Evil'. This site was created to give support for stories in this novel and others, their accompanying albums and games. Also other shades of evil and there is no shortage on that score.

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Link to 'Seven Shades of Evil` download or paperback.

Link to 'AXE: A Tale of Carthelion' download or paperback.

Link to 'Many Shades of Evil' download or paperback. This novel contains both the above. See 'site update' for pricing.

Link to 'The Book of Unwanted Truths' download or paperback.

'Seven Shades of Evil' contains the novel 'Shades of Evil' plus seven complimentary short stories. 'Shades of Evil and the Seven'. As there were actually seven shades in the novel it was titled as such. The first of the short stories is 'Everyone's Story'. A pretty down to earth story for a sci-fi novel. It is the story with the profound words. It wasn`t something that occured to me out of the blue, it was more of a slow realisation. We all make our own choices? It's a nice idea but if you are a caring person and one of your family falls in the river you are going to pull them out, you don`t have a choice. I would do this. If it was someone I hated and wanted to drown.......I would still pull them out and hate myself for doing it. Where is my choice? There may be many social and other factors involved but at the end of the day I would react to all these factors in the manner dictated by who I am, the genes were there first.

The second short story is titled 'Calendar'. It`s a sci-fi story which takes you into the theory of other dimensions. Its light hearted and hopefully will make you smile.

The third short story 'Tumblewheel' takes you across our galaxy to a place where no man has trod before.

'Trimark' again brings us down to earth and introduces the reader to a peril you do not usually think about, the peril on your doorstep. Writers do not usually write about such things because they have little experience outside everyday interaction. They have no knowledge of how things work.

'Silverbird' is high-flying science fiction. 'From the Depths of the cold barren void came Siverbird'. That's the opening line and means what it says.

The sixth short story 'Another Day' is a continuation of 'Calendar'. This one deals with time travel. How to travel back in time without changing the future or creating parallel universes.

Last of the short stories 'Genesis' goes down the terrorist trail. It is a story with a twist.

'Shades of Evil' itself is a full fantasy story. It was linked to my game 'Time Warrior'. I doubt you will find many other stories like it. It has a lot of action, it has a very serious side and a funny side. The character you can see dimly in the background of this web page is the star, though it wasn't meant that way. 'Shades' is a pocket novel which could possibly be read at one sitting but despite its size it carries all the ingrediants of a fantasy adventure, it just leaves the dreary bits out. Like 'AXE' the full story cannot be accessed from this site but the dowmloads cost next to nothing. If a publisher is trying to sell a book containing this story, it would be wrong of me to give it away. 'Shades' first appeared on a catalogue disk, of which there were a great many. Instead of simply listing the availability of the story the proprieter added it as a feature. Even if only one person loves your story, it makes it worthwhile.

Axe is a very different story to 'Shades'. It is very Tolkienish in nature and for those who miss the writings of Tolkien, I hope this story cheers you up.

'Time Warrior' is a game which links both 'Axe' and 'Shades' via the Druiand. More on this can be found by pressing the 'Games Demos' icon. The Time Warrior 'Dreamscape' demo can be found on youtube by typing 'carthelion'.

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